New Faces @ La Kueva Part III July 17th 2005

Justin's Red
no comment ;-)
see no evil?
Harmonic beauty with an attitude!

Brian, Zak, Dan, Luis and Tony... the crew drinking at work! It's a good thing that we can't get fired
Once again and better than ever THE GEEK FARM!!!

Our sound-man Brian... we don't really know what he was thinking about.

please, do not adjust your screen. This picture should actually be viewed this way.


don't worry. Lalo did survive this picture
Presenting... the boys from MeRKaBaH

John.. kicking ass!

Here we go again! another night of good musicianship, excellent performances, camaradery and discovery. Our bands once again displayed why they deserved to be called the new faces of rock. They certainly demostrated that they have a lot more to give to the new music scene.
Thanks to:
Geek Farm
Justin's Red
and all of you who continue to support the new music scene


The Fools of Perception. July, 9th 2005

"The Fools of Perception" rocking La Kueva

Share the love and the good stuff....

the drummer... literally, at the edge of the stage Zak... bouncer/sound-man/singer... etc
When Lalo is not behind the camera... he's in front of it
there's nothing better than a happy face!
Dancing with the air of a gypsie...sexy!
Just grooving...

see if you can spot the guy from Long Island

...and the crowd goes mad...

...and the band goes mad...

we don't know what our photographer was looking for in this picture

This gig was full of new experiences. The majority of La kueva's regular crowd reacted well to the band’s performance. A few other people were a bit weird out. However, “The Fools of Perception” demonstrated their musicality and their eagerness to reach all sorts of people with their lyrics, rhythms, energy and their stage performance.

Luis Sandro Productions likes to thank:

The Fools of Perception

La kueva’s management

Zak (sound-man)

Freddy and Gerson (Bartenders)

LaLo Heinert (Photography)

And all the people that make our shows possible


New Faces @ La Kueva Part II June, 26th 2005